Elemental Equipment, Inc.
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Center Moriches, N.Y. 11934
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Fax: (631) 910-2068
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Expediting Everything from the Elementary to the Extraordinary
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We are distributors who sell,rent and repair equipment as well as provide expertise in the areas of:

Assembly: Binding, Brazing, Calibrating, Certifying, Covering, Fusing, Fastening, Gripping, Holding, Inserting, Riveting, Screwing, Soldering, Stapling, Swaging, Sweating, Tagging, Torque, Tensioning, and Welding

Fabrication: Bending, Beveling, Breaking, Burning, Cutting, Drilling, Facing, Grinding, Hardening, Heating, Jigging, Lasers, Plasma, Sawing, Shearing, Tapping, Turning, and Truing

Finishing: Anodizing, Acidizing, Bluing, Burnishing, Carbonizing, Etching, Feathering, Flaming, Gilding, Honing, Iridizing, Metalizing, Painting, Patinating, Pickling, and Passivating

Installation: Anchoring, Booming, Carrying, Constucting, Gluing, Grouting, Hoisting, Lifting, Leveling, Picking, Placing, Plumbing, Pulling, Setting, Stacking, Shoring, Squaring, and Wedging